Based on Chinese Market, provide service for global users, RUIGE’s products have been widely applied in many countries,and always committed to become the world's leading provider of veterinary clinical and medical experiments solutions.


Years’experience with veterinary medical equipments. And many professional technicians and after-sales service engineers.
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  • Vison

    Being core strength for improving life quality Being core strength for improving life quality
  • Mission

    Provide best solution for medical research and clinical applications. Being core strength for improving life quality
  • Advantage

    Provide comprehensive and high quality solution for users. Being core strength for improving life quality

SINCE 2000

We started to be manufacturer of different kinds of imaging machine, and begin our business with veterinary hospitals and different distributors. until now, we extend our products to laboratory equipment, anesthesia machine, endscopy etc .


  • Welcome to Ruige

    We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as very professional company with veterinary medical products all around the world. We offer wide range medical products including veterinary x ray machine, DR, ultrasound, Anesthesia machine, inspection machine and so on.

  • Reliable Partner

    Reliable partner for your business with OEM/ODM services,Contributes to the world by providing high quality veterinary medical products to the hospitals and enhancing competitive advantage for business partners.

  • Keep Innovation

    Our quality products are principally based on our continued innovation. We have invested large portion of sales profits to R&D section and committed to provide high level of veterinary medical technology.